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UNBOXING: Best CHEAP PSU – SEGOTEP KL-1080W – This is how a PREMIUM Product Made in China Looks LIKE!

If you are looking for a good PSU for your gaming PC you are probably heading to the top brands first. What we’ve found out over the years is that there are some hidden gems out there as well and one of those gems is actually made in China. SEGOTEP has been making PSUs for a long time and most of their products are above average with a great price/performance ratio but with the Kun Lun series they entered the premium market. We wanted to show you how the KL-1080W, SEGOTEP’s 80PLUS Platinum looks like. We are using it in our BEAST build with an i9-10900k, 128 Gb RAM and RTX 2080Ti with excellent results.

► Specifications:

Power: 1080 W

Fans: 1x 140 mm

PFC Active

Efficiency: 94 %

Certificate: 80+ Platinum

Full Modular

Protections: OVP, OCP , OPP, SCP, UVP

Rail +12V: 1

+3.3V: 16 A

+5V: 15 A

+12V: 1 90 A

-12V: 0.3 A

+5Vsb: 2.5 A


24 Pin ATX: 1

4+4 Pin ATX/EPS: 2

6+2 PCI-E: 8

SATA: 12

Molex: 6

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