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Xiaomi’s new Poco C40 will use an unusual SoC

According to @kacskrz‘s work, Xiaomi’s new Poco C40 will use quite an unusual SoC. Instead of a Mediatek, Qualcomm or an Unisoc it’s using “JR510” from a basically unknown company called JLQ. I decided to take a look at the company and the chip.

JLQ Technology is a Chinese JV, focusing on low-end SoCs for the ~100$ phones. It was founded in 2017 with quite a big capital of almost half a billion dollars. Here’s the interesting part – one of the founding parties was Qualcomm!

According to LinkedIn it employs under 100 people – not nearly enough to design, program and manufacture a modern SoC. It’s possible because Qualcomm’s helping with the designs and the software. It’s likely that JLQ’s chips are just customized designs.

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