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ASUS Accidentally Leaks 20GB 3080 Ti and 12GB 3060

It is definitely something of an open secret at the moment that Nvidia will, in the very near future, officially announce the launch of its 3080 Ti and 3060 (non-ti) graphics cards. With the former set to feature 20GB of VRAM and the latter with a surprisingly beefy 12GB, there is already clearly a lot of anticipation from consumers on both ends of the budgetary scale. – Just to add a little more confirmation to these specifications, however, Twitter user ‘@9550pro‘ has clearly been a little eagle-eyed as references to both graphics cards were just found on ASUS‘ support website!

ASUS Confirms 3080 Ti/3060!

With the 3080 Ti set to feature 20GB of VRAM, it seems likely that this graphics card will offer something of a better middle ground between work and gaming based on the fact that it seems that the 3080 Ti is going to boil down into being a slightly cutdown version of the 3090. Albeit, with an expected price tag of around $1,300, this still makes it an exceptionally expensive choice!

The real interesting proposition, however, is undoubtedly the 3060. Given that the previously released 3060 Ti comes with 8GB of VRAM, if there is indeed going to be a 12GB 3060, this would represent something of a moderate odd-duck in the Nvidia line-up. I mean, there will, of course, still be a ‘standard’ 6GB version of the 3060 which fits in nicely, but this 12GB design will undoubtedly garner more than a little attention for more than a few reasons.

Oh, and just in case you decide to go check this for yourself, we can confirm that ASUS has now removed both graphics cards from their support website.

What Do We Think?

I have to admit to being more than a little curious about this 3060 and particularly the 12GB VRAM variant. Put simply, this could represent one of the best mid-tier graphics cards currently around at the moment, and with that huge amount of memory, it does offer more than a little in terms of future-proofing. – It will, therefore, be more than a little interesting to see how much this costs, but if it’s less than $450, Nvidia could have a huge hit with consumers here!

As for when we’ll know more… Well, Nvidia is holding a major event (‘special broadcast) on January 12th and if these GPUs are not mentioned, well, let’s just say we’ll be more than a little surprised! – It seems, however, that AIB partners such as ASUS are more than ready for this launch!

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