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Gainward Registers 3060 with 8GB of VRAM

Last week we finally got confirmation that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 would be released on February 25th, and a few days later, they also updated the product’s website to reflect the newly confirmed specifications. Unlike a lot of other graphics cards at the moment, however, the 12GB VRAM configuration for the 3060 has been pretty well confirmed for at least the last few months.

Following a report via Videocardz, however, it would appear that Gainward has just confused the matter a little as a brand new model registration has just been made for an 8GB variant!

Gainward Registers 8GB VRAM 3060

Registered with the South Korean National Radio Research Agency, while the listing itself refers to a Gainward 3060 ‘Ghost’ graphics card, without a doubt, one of the most interesting aspects of this is the multiple references made to it having 8GB of VRAM. – This is clearly lower than the ‘reference’ specifications of the GPU from Nvidia (12GB) and would, therefore, suggest that Gainward may be preparing to launch a more modified version with a 128-bit bus or a 256-bit bus (more likely the former).

What Do We Think?

As always, just because a product/model is registered it’s never any guarantee that it’ll ever see the light of day. As such, while this is undoubtedly interesting, you shouldn’t read too much into it. Yet… If there are going to be lower VRAM configurations though (which is a distinct possibility given the rising cost of memory) then it would appear that you are possibly going to have some options from the Nvidia 3060 range.

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