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Intel Core i7-11700K is Already Available to Buy in Germany

Following the official announcement of Intel’s Rocket Lake-S platform at CES 2021, we should note that, to date, there haven’t been any particular formal launches regarding specific processors. Albeit, there’s certainly been plenty of leaks! In something that is exceptionally bizarre, however, following a report via Videocardz, it has been confirmed that Intel Core i7-11700K CPUs are not only available to purchase in Germany, but some people actually have them in their hands (or PCs) right now!

Intel Core i7-11700K

Coming in the report, Mindfactory, one of Germany’s biggest computer hardware retailers, has confirmed not only that they’re actively selling these Intel Core i7-11700K processors, but also that (somehow) they’re doing this without breaking any kind of embargo rules.

Now, how is this even possible? Particularly for a processor that hasn’t been released yet? Well, our best guess would be that CPUs have been shipped to Mindfactory, but someone at Intel possibly forgot to make them sign some kind of NDA regarding them.

Before You Go Shopping!

We should note before you go off to see if you can buy an Intel Core i7-11700K early from Mindfactory that it is our understanding that these CPUs are only being sold to domestic (German) customers. As such, unless you are a resident there, you won’t be able to grab your hands on this surprisingly available piece of technology.

When can we expect them though? Well, based on our best last indication, it would appear that they will be officially released for general consumer sale on March 15th. Albeit, with this news, that might be something more than a little open to debate at the moment!


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