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Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard Review


For a while now, Thermaltake is making a name for itself in the PC gaming scene, starting with the Tt eSports moniker and not too long ago they are pushing forward the Tt Premium name. Today we are looking at one of their “Tt Premium” products, the X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard. The X1 RGB keyboard doesn’t come cheap, at prices between €130 to €170, but packs a lot of features that competitors (at the same price range) don’t have.

The X1 RGB gaming keyboard gaming keyboard comes in a sleek and stunning finish that delivers 16.8 million of true RGB color illumination.

Thermaltake says that the X1 RGB gaming keyboard comes in a sleek and stunning finish that delivers 16.8 million of true RGB color illumination with 12 dynamic lighting effects. Best yet, it is exclusively compatible with all Thermaltake TT RGB Sync Power Supply and Liquid Cooling Solutions – iRGB PSU, Riing Plus, Pacific W4 Plus CPU Water Block, Pacific RL360 Plus RGB Radiator, Floe Riing RGB 360, Pacific Lumi Plus LED Strip – and any other product range sporting the TT RGB Sync logo, enabling enthusiasts to sync all RGB colors seamlessly to all Thermaltake compatible product lines for even greater color coordination. In addition, the X1 RGB comes with an exclusively designed smartphone/tablet app with voice controlled AI for access to light functions and essential macros. The app also includes an exclusive patented designed Virtual Game Controller (VGC) mode for a truly unique and astounding mobile gaming experience.

The Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard has a lot of features that will draw in the masses, including the Cherry MX switches, the gorgeous RGB backlit lighting, the ability to customize just about every aspect of the keyboard and some unique features like the Alexa and smartphone voice-controlled AI (works only if you have at least one Thermaltake TT RGB PLUS product to work in conjunction with the X1 RGB) and the VGC (virtual game controller), which works only on iPhones. We will go through each and every one of these features as we review the keyword and we’ll test just how good the keyboard is.

Specifications and Features

Lets take a closer look at the Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard specifications and features and see what you get when you spend €130 on a keyboard:

DIMENSIONS464.98 x 170.52 x 40.39 mm
BACK-LIGHT16.8 Million RGB Colors
WRIST RESTYES / Detachable
ACTUATION FORCE50g(Blue) with Optimized Tactile Feel
KEY LIFESPAN50 Million Clicks Lifetime


TT RGB PLUS Ecosystem is the intelligent lighting system for PCs that combines the most advanced addressable LED lighting with Thermaltake’s patented TT RGB PLUS Software. TT RGB PLUS ecosystem provides nearly unlimited possibilities for playing with colors, synchronizing lights to games, music, CPU temperatures or other TT RGB PLUS products, including case fans, CPU/VGA waterblocks, AIO CPU coolers, PSUs, LED strips and peripherals. The patented software allows users to change the light modes, colors, speeds, brightness, fan speeds, and even supports AI voice control in iOS and Android devices.


The X1 RGB uses CHERRY MX switches with built-in gold-crosspoint contacts, gold-plated contact closures, and pressure-resistant metal alloy springs for the most precise, accurate and feel for every touch. The switches also come rated with a 50-million keystroke lifespan for utmost durability. The X1 RGB Blue switch provides a crystal clear click pressure point highlighted by an audible click for tactile and precise key operations


tunning 16.8 million RGB color illumination under keys provides the brightest visibility and eye-catching style for your gaming session. Take it a step further and choose between 12 different lighting effect settings coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed to provide maximum color customization tailored your style.


Comes with pre-configured game genre lighting zone illuminations: FPS1, FPS2, MMO, MOBA, RTS for that all- important gaming advantage during gameplay. Furthermore, gamers can also customize their own unique custom lighting zones to effortlessly enhance their gaming experience in a way that is truly unique for them.


Control sound levels on-the-fly and access multimedia controls with ease using the conveniently placed dedicated controls. Additional controls include: game mode activation, 5 level brightness adjustment, and Windows lock.


Connect your compatible 3.5mm 4-pole audio and USB 2.0 device via the conveniently placed pass-through for easy insertion and removal, without having to reach behind your computer.


Included ergonomic magnetic wrist rest easily snaps into place at the front of the keyboard to ensure comfort is maximized, no matter how long you game.


Add extra flare to the X1 RGB with the 8 additional provided red keycaps (Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F) and keycap puller for maximum customization.


Customize with the TT PREMIUM X1 RGB gaming software and take control of the most expansive set of macros and personalization options. Give yourself full control to program multiple keystrokes to a single key, change backlighting effects with intuitive keyboard commands or set with easy to quick launch custom game profiles.

Packing and Contents

Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard is shipped inside a flashy black cardboard box with a large image of the lit up keyboard on top and emphasis on the Cherry MX switches and RGB Functions. The side panels are covered technical specifications and details and the smaller panel on either side of the box are identical, showing an image of the keyboard, the model and the Thermaltake logo. On the back we have another big image of the keyboard with detail explanations on what the special features are.

Inside the box, the keyboard is wrapped in a protective foam bag and under it we can 1 key puller, 8 replacement red keycaps, the user manual and the warranty policy.

Closer look

The Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard is a classic, bulky gaming keyboard that looks premium from the first moment you see it. The first thing I noticed was the cable, that is tick and covered in braided cloth, bounded with a Velcro strap. The cable splits into 3 parts and holds the USB connector and audio connectors. All 3 of these connectors are gold plated. The audio connector offer an audio jack pass-through, that is great if you have short cable headphones.

Looking at the keyword itself, it is pretty big, having a dimension of 464.98×170.52×40.39mm and the keys are suspended, making the lights look great on it. Under the keys there are Cherry MX Blue switches, which are rated to 50M clicks. The keyboard height can be adjusted and it has a detachable magnetic wrist pad, which is placed easily, but can get loose pretty easy as well. Thermaltake opted for an aluminum body and it offers strength and ruggedness to the design, giving the impression that the keyboard is made to last.

The keyboard has a standard US layout with extra multimedia buttons (located to the top right), that include a scroll wheel for volume and a mute button to the right of it and stop, back track, play and pause, and forward track functions.

Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB has a full-size numpad. The keycaps on the numpad are slim and the Num Lock key has a lock symbol on it. A lot of the keys have double function and some are pretty straight forward, while some are really unique. They are activated using the Fn key. Here is a list of them and what they do:

Function KeyRegular KeyEffect
FnEscLoads the factory settings.
FnInsertLoads Game Lighting Profile 1.
FnHomeLoads Game Lighting Profile 2.
FnPgUpLoads Game Lighting Profile 3.
FnDeleteLoads Game Lighting Profile 4.
FnEndLoads Game Lighting Profile 5.
FnPgDnLoads Game Lighting Profile 6.
FnF1Launches the default mailing software.
FnF2Launches the default web browser.
FnF3Launches My Computer.
FnF4Launches the Calculator app.
FnF5Launches the default music player.
FnF6Changes the Light effects.
FnF7Reduces the speed of the dynamic lighting effect.
FnF8Increases the speed of the dynamic lighting effect.
FnF9Red Color of the RGB Lighting.
FnF10Green Color of the RGB Lighting.
FnF11Blue Color of the RGB Lighting.
FnF12RGB Lighting Control.
FnPrtScMacro Recording.
FnScroll LockDefault Zone Backlight Mode Keys.
FnPause/BreakLighting Recording Key.
FnNum LockLocks/Unlocks the full keyboard.

The keyboard comes with 6 predefined Game Lighting Profiles and it also comes with 9 Gaming Profile Commands, predefined for Battlefield Hardline, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Diablo III, DOOM, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Guild Wars 2 and Starcraft. The keyboard has 4 Mb onboard memory to store the user’s defined settings, so you can take it with you at your LAN events if you want to.

Now that we’ve gone over the technical aspects it is time to look at the main selling point for the keyword, the 16.8M RGB color illumination. The keyboard has a white color diffuser plate built on top of the PCB sandwiching the switches and the PCB. This is done for better color illumination across the entire length of the keyboard. Thermaltake included 12 different lighting effect settings coupled with 5 individual levels of brightness and lighting speed to provide maximum color customization tailored your style in this keyword:

  • Static
  • Pulse
  • Rainbow Wave
  • Spiral Rainbow
  • Spectrum Cycling
  • Reactive
  • Flow
  • Ripple
  • Raindrops
  • Snake Marquee
  • Sound Control
  • System Temperature
  • Off

The X1 RGB can sync with other Thermaltake products meaning that all the lighting effects will be in sync across all your TT gear. You can sync them together using the free TT software available to download on its official website. Thermaltake also has a downloadable mobile app that lets you control the lights remotely, you can adjust the effect speed and brightness from your phone or tablet and you can also set up voice-control using Alexa.

TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard features the Cherry MX RGB Blue Switches. These switches have 2.2 ± 0.6mm actuation point, 4 – 0.5mmkey stroke, with 50g actuation force with tactile feedback and clicky sound. Thermaltake has also bundled 8 red colored keycaps with TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard to customize the keyboard should the user wants and they look pretty sweet.


You can customize the keyboard with the TT PREMIUM X1 RGB gaming software. The software allows you to add profiles, name them, assign them, and even remap the entire 104-key layout. Using the software you can switch between the 6 profiles easily, create your own light effects with the click of a few buttons and also configure macros. If you want to remap the keyboard, you can assign macros, media, functions, launch applications function and more to any key. The Macros are available using a Macro Editor which you can name and to which you can import and export commands. You can also record macros individually and you can do pretty much anything you want to the keyboard. The editor is one of the easiest I’ve seen so far, so that’s something that seemed impressive.


We’ve looked over all the features and now it is time to put them to the test. First of all lets talk about the comfort. Comfort wise the keyboard is great, the wrist rest is an amazing addition, providing a good grip, but the magnet is not very strong the if you want to move the keyboard around, there is a high chance you will detach it. Typing wise, the keys are big and well spaced, so you won’t have problems typing two keys at once, no matter how big your fingers are. The finish on the keys is a bit too glossy for my liking though and the keyboard will look dirty rather fast. The switches are clicky, nut the noise is not the loudest. I do like to hear the clicks, so the Cherry MX Blue switches do the job nicely.

We usually do not test the media features on a keyboard, but since the Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB has the media buttons we ran them through our tests. The controls available allow you to adjust the volume, mute, play/pause, skip track and stop your media. These buttons are membrane-based and are quite different from the rest of the keys which feels odd. The volume control scroll has a rubber-like texture which provides some grip, but I am not sure yet how much time this rubber will remain attached if you use the button often. Every movement of the scroll adjusts the volume by two, so you have some good control over it.


Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard brings a lot of premium features at a medium price. The fact that you can remap every key, the easy to use Macro software, the powerful software, rigid build and great lighting make it a premium keyboard. There are flows however and I can’t just go over them like they are nothing. While the magnetic wrist rest is very nice, I lose it on the table when moving the keyboard and I do this quite often. The multimedia keys are different and I get that you don’t need to have Cherry MX switches for those, but they seem out of place and I would have liked the keyboard better if they were the same as the other keys.


Build Quality


Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard has all the features you need and then some more. The quality is good, but there is still some room for improvement. The value is definitely out there, so it's a product to consider, especially if you are looking for a flashy gaming keyboard.

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Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard has all the features you need and then some more. The quality is good, but there is still some room for improvement. The value is definitely out there, so it's a product to consider, especially if you are looking for a flashy gaming keyboard.Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB Cherry MX Blue Keyboard Review